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Through Your Eyes - Song Stories

Stowaway Music chats with Errol Walsh about two outstanding songs on "Through Your Eyes".

SM The theme of two tracks on “Through Your Eyes” stands out. One is the powerful “Tell Me Everything” and the other is the Country twang of “Biggest Rooster In The Barnyard". How did those songs come about?

EW My songs seldom require much in the way of explanation. They are straightforward, self explanatory, personal stories about love, loss, and learning. Childhood, growing up, getting older. Contemplating the inevitability of our mortality. Looking back in life’s rear-view mirror. Experiences that we all share to some degree.

I used to be very apolitical. In my younger days I was pretty much an irresponsible, fun loving party animal. I’m not proud of that exactly, but I had a hell of a good time and I don’t regret much of it either. In the past few decades the direction of the world has made me reconsider. I've discovered more about the factors behind recent changes. I've learnt more about my own Irish history. I have shaken myself out of my bubble.

I don’t usually write protest songs. But, I do find myself thinking more often now about things that 'burn my britches and boil my blood'. A change for a more mature me.

“Biggest Rooster in the Barnyard” is a satirical swipe at right wing politics. In particular, leaders in the USA and the UK who lean towards dictatorship. You know who I mean. Ridiculous hair, monstrous egos and no morals.

Some people have got the wrong end of the stick. The big red rooster is definitely not me!

“Tell Me Everything” tackles racism in America. Racism is nothing new of course, and it’s rampant everywhere. But, as my musical influences have come from the USA, I focused on that part of the World. There are similar troublesome issues in my own back yard.

So many people have suffered from racial prejudice. Many of us have acted in ways that we look back on and cringe, but it’s never too late to learn.

"Through Your Eyes" is out now on CD, download and all streaming services.

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